Future Project

Future Project
  • Renovation of An Existing Sarinah (Sarinah Tower 1 for Annex Building)

We are committed to providing pleasant services for all of our loyal customers. Therefore, for the sake of mutual comfort, we will renovate the Sarinah building which is the first shopping center in Indonesia. The renovation is to beautify the facade of the building, interior, and parking lot. However, Sarinah will still maintain the original building because the building has a historical value of Indonesia.

  • The Development of Sarinah's assets as a center for Indonesian SMEs

Indonesia is a country that is rich in natural resources as well as human resources. So many extraordinary handicrafts produced by the creative hands of the Indonesian people. Sarinah has duties and obligations to be a medium that fosters SMEs throughout Indonesia and provides a place to sell handicrafts made by Indonesian SMEs.