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President Director Message
Sarinah: The Window of Indonesia

Approaching Industrial Revolution 4.0, changes are everywhere, including in interactions between businesses and customers. Sarinah as a modern retail pioneer in Indonesia continues to push through and grow in the midst of disruptions. The growth is signified by the effort of the Company to be the leading ecosystem for the Indonesian creative industry with the motto: The Window of Indonesia. This motto is manifested in Sarinah’s 5-year Reformation Program, which focuses on services and product improvement.

On the service side, Sarinah develops and strengthens its omnichannel facility to improve shopping access, through sarinahonline.co.id and Sarinah Online mobile apps for better shopping experience for the customers. Sarinah also utilizes social media through @sarinahindonesia for better interaction with the customers.

On the other hand, with the spirit of collaboration, Sarinah partners up with a number of marketplaces to strengthen its position as the modern retailer offering Indonesian products. At the same time, Sarinah is developing its Sarinah Online mobile apps to improve customer services.

Offline, Sarinah rejuvenated its stores, including renovating the façade and interior of the Sarinah building at Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Featuring many facilities, including a co-working area for communities, the Sarinah Thamrin building is expected to once again be the customers’ shopping destination of choice.

Despite the invasion of online retail, Sarinah is confident that offline retail will still be the number one destination for customers in leading their modern lifestyle. Incorporating technology into its operations, Sarinah is planning to establish an Augmented Reality (AR) store, both in the country and abroad. This plan is a part of the effort to increase sales of national products across the world.

In terms of product quality, Sarinah actively organizes training and seminars for Sarinah’s small and medium enterprise partners for continuous innovation of quality products, both from domestic commodities and the crafts of the highly skilled artisans across the country.

Aside from these efforts, Sarinah recognizes the vital role that its human resources play in the Company’s development. Sarinah always encourages all individuals within it to continuously develop their competencies through training. Therefore, the capacity of the Company’s human resources can always evolve along with the changing times.

Sarinah strives to provide the best customer experience as the modern retailer offering quality products from Indonesian talents today and forever. This is a part of the effort to ensure that customers continue to see Sarinah as The Window of Indonesia so that the Company can continue to grow in the global retail industry.

President Director





Board of Commissioners
Trisni Puspitaningtyas
President Commissioner

Date and Place of Birth
Jakarta, December 4, 1962 

Academy of Computer Knowledge, Jakarta
State High School 1 Budi Oetomo, Jakarta 

Work Experience
2020 – now : President Commissioner of PT Sarinah (Persero)
2020 – now : Special Staff of the Minister of Religion
2019 – now : KONI Expert Staff
2012 – now : Founder & Chairman of Triss Living Real Estate
2007 – now : Design Consultant PT Adimas Puspita Serasi

Diana Irina Jusuf
Independent Commissioner
Riyanto Prabowo
Leonard Theosabrata
Board of Directors
Fetty Kwartati
President Director

MBA from California State University, USA
Professional Degree in International Business UCLA, USA

Work Experience
Head of Sustainability, Corporate Secretary & Treasury PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk
Director & Corporate Secretary, PT Map Boga Adiperkasa Tbk 

Hedy Djaja Ria
Director of Operation
Selfie Dewiyanti
Director of Commercial
Guntar P.M Siahaan
Director of Finance and Risk Management