Indonesian Traditional Fabric

Indonesian Traditional Fabric

Indonesian Traditional Fabric is a traditional textile that embodies the archipelago’s cultural meaning. Each has a distinguished characteristic from symbols, colors, sizes and materials.

The product catalog available at Sarinah outlets consists of batik, woven fabric, songket, tapis, lurik, endek fabrics of Bali, and traditional kebaya. Among the leading traditional fabric brands offered at Sarinah are:

  • Batik Keris 
  • Batik Riana Kusuma
  • Batik Pribadi
  • Eco Batik Tenun Juwita NTT
  • Tenun Doka Tawa Tana
  • Tenun Imam
  • Songket Azizah Palembang
  • Tapis Nurita Lampung
  • Ulos Rao
  • Tenun Garut Isam
  • Songket Limar Palembang Lubuk Linggau
  • Jumputan Warna Alam Banyuasin Palembang
  • Galery Batik Jawa
  • Lawe, Gianty Lurik
  • Rumah Betawi Kebaya
  • Tenun Oscar Lawalata

On October 2, 2009, UNESCO has named batik a cultural heritage. With complex manufacturing method and craftsmanship techniques, Batik is considered to be highly artistic. Having existed for centuries, this form of art has now been developed by incorporating the latest fashion trends. Sarinah provides a variety of batik selections in different patterns, models and production techniques. Established relationship with batik producers and distributors throughout Indonesia also ensures the quality of the products offered.  

Leading wastra (traditional cloth which has its own meaning and symbol) brands available at Sarinah are: Batik Keris, Batik Riana Kesuma, Batik Semar, Batik Danar Hadi, Batik Pribadi, Batik Harni, Batik Sida Mukti, Batik Sengenge, Batik Sekar Jagat, and many more.


Songket is a traditional woven fabric originated from the Malay tribe in Indonesia. Songket is made of gold and silver thread that is woven by hand and is generally worn on formal occasions. Sarinah provides a wide selection of songket from various regions in the country. Customers can visit Sarinah outlets to get a selection of the best quality songket.

Woven Fabric

Weaving is a fabric-making technique that uses the simple principle of interlacing two sets of threads across one another at the right angle. Usually, woven fabric is made from wood fiber, cotton, or silk. Weaving products available at Sarinah outlets are the works of the best woven fabric producers in Indonesia.

Handwoven Fabric

Handwoven fabric is a fabric woven from strands of weft or warp threads previously tied and dipped in natural dyes. At Sarinah outlets, customers can choose a wide range of authentic handwoven fabrics of the country.