Soft Structure

Code of Conduct

Sarinah implements the value of ethical and legal conduct in accordance with the applicable standards. These values form a key basis in every decision-making of the company. As a well-known company, Sarinah strives to adjust the code of conduct in accordance with the latest developments to maintain corporate governance standards.

All Sarinah employee must comply with the rules and regulations stipulated in the company’s code of conduct as part of its commitment to be a reliable and trusted company.

Board Manual

The Board of Commissioners shall be guided by the Guidelines of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors (Board Manual) in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The Board Manual comprises of manual work instructions of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors and describes the activities in a structured and systematic manner. The following is a lisf of policy manuals in Sarinah:


Whistleblowing System Mechanism

Whistleblowing is the disclosure of violations or actions that are illegal, unethical/immoral acts, and other actions that may harm the company and stakeholders. The whistleblowing is conducted by employees or head of the company to the head of the company or other institutions that can take action on these violations.


The company defines gratification as an activity of giving and/or receiving gifts/souvenirs and entertainment, both received domestically or internationally, by company personnel related to their authority/position in Sarinah. This can lead to conflicts of interest that affect the independence, objectivity and professionalism of such personnel.

GCG Code

Sarinah GCG Code is prepared compiled based on the general GCG rules, applicable laws and regulations, cultural values, vision and mission as well as GCG best practices. GCG Code is implemented as a basis for ensuring the enforcement of policies in the company is pursuant to GCG principles. The GCG Code serves as a reference for the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors in determining company policies and objectives.

GCG Principles


Sarinah ensures information disclosure to related parties in a detailed, accurate and audited manner.


Sarinah conducts a clear division of authority to prevent the risk of conflict of interests. All employees are held accountable for understanding each of their responsibilities.


Sarinah ensures the company management is carried out pursuant to the applicable rules and regulations to reflect corporate responsibility.


Sarinah strives to manage the company professionally without any conflict of interest and influence or oppression from any other parties.


Sarinah ensures fair and equal treatment to each stakeholder in every activity undertaken.