Sarinah's comprehensive understanding of traditional crafts and the craftsmanship of the locals in producing best quality souvenirs is essential in delivering quality products to customers.

By combining elements of traditional and modern art, Sarinah presents a variety of handicraft products from various tribes in Indonesia such as sculptures, woven, silver crafts, batik wood, shadow puppets, wooden puppets, ceramics, souvenirs, opals, accessories from agarwood and sandalwood, seashell decoration, house decoration, and so on.

Sandalwood and Agarwood

The creativity of Sarinah's retail strategy is manifested through a diverse array of products, one of them is aromatherapy. High quality agarwood and sandalwood are selected and processed into essential oils that are then made into candles, incense, aromatherapy, and accessories. This product is widely used by leading spa service providers due to its gentle aroma that provides relaxation. In conducting partnership with local MSMEs, Sarinah always implements close supervision of raw material sources and makes efforts to comply with various environmental regulations.

One of the leading brands available at Sarinah is Agarwood Craft.


As Indonesian cultural heritage product retail specialist, Sarinah offers a broad selection of traditional and contemporary arts. The showcased works of local artists across the nation are the result of high precision and skill that are most valuable and unique. As a business actor, Sarinah strives to present these masterpieces to customers.