An Overview of Trading Sarinah

Sarinah Pioneer of Indonesian Trading

In keeping with the mission set by the founders over fifty years ago, Sarinah is wholeheartedly committed to serving as the premier platform for uniquely Indonesian products.

Under close cooperation with the best MSMEs and cooperatives, Sarinah has a special division for trading activities that ensures proper publicity for these products. Sarinah has developed various products in its portfolio for the international market, including handicrafts, wooden furniture, batik and various artworks representing Indonesia’s cultural heritage. 

Moreover, Sarinah’s trading division also plays an active role in ensuring the availability of a handful of commodities and essential goods for Indonesians. Relying on its far-reaching international supplier network, Sarinah is involved in the procurement of products such as specialty rice, saccharine and alcohol from overseas and their distribution to distribution centers across Indonesia.