Over the last five decades, Sarinah has taken the central role in ensuring the availability of key food ingredients in Indonesia as a trusted importer and distributor.

Sarinah’s ability to partner up with various international suppliers to bring in products highly sought after by customers is proven by its success in importing products such as specialty rice and sodium saccharin. In 2018, import of these products increased by 474,902 tons or 100.00% for specialty rice and 44,142 tons for sodium saccharin.

Among the flagship products imported by Sarinah are:

  • Basmati rice, Calrose rice, Japonica rice, steam rice, and glutinous rice
  • Sodium saccharin and cyclamate
  • Duty free and duty paid alcohols

As a reliable SOE, Sarinah's trading division also imports several products on behalf of the government, including alcohol. So far, Sarinah has successfully cooperated with suppliers from different countries, including Australia, France, the Netherlands, and a number of European countries. The product is then directly distributed to 15 duty free alcohol shops and 17 licensed retailers. Manufacturers, retailers, distributors in Indonesia who are interested in importing these products can contact Sarinah directly.