Other Products

Other Products


Consignment is an agreement where the goods supplier sells the goods through another party under the commission or profit-sharing scheme.

Sarinah strives to expand its retail strategy by working with several potential business partners under a profit-sharing system as part of its commitment to developing local businesses. With a diverse customer base, the stalls become a strategic place for local brands that wish to reach the upper middle-class youth segment. This innovation is also expected to bring fresh, creative ideas out of local entrepreneurs. To that end, Sarinah cooperates with various business actors in expanding its marketing efforts, including Ministry of SOEs, Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS), She's Mercedes Café, and Heritage Mustika Ratu.

F&B - Coffee, Chocolate, & Organic Products

As a modern retailer specializing in local products, Sarinah department store provides a wide selection of high-quality coffee, chocolate and organic products. Locally grown coffee and chocolate as Indonesia’s specialties are now in high demand in certain niche markets. The coffee and chocolate are produced nationwide, including Bali, Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi. In addition, Sarinah also cooperates with several brands that sell certified organic products such as various kinds of coffees, chocolates, and various teas from across the Archipelago including Sila Tea and Savis Tea. The local organic product brands available at Sarinah is a part of the retail strategy to emphasize on Indonesia’s true cultural heritage, as it is increasingly on demand by modern customers in Indonesia.

Fashion - Ethnic Fashion

As modern retailer, Sarinah understands the need of customers for product variations. Therefore, we provide a line of exclusive ethnic clothing that reflects the diversity of Indonesia's cultural heritage. The products are specified for fashion lovers who love to mix and match their clothing styles with contemporary and traditional elements. Sarinah's extensive network of MSME partners provide a wide selection of elegant garment products that please the eyes.

Fashion - Muslim Fashion (Shareena)

Sarinah also offers an exclusive Muslim collection with a touch of contemporary and conventional elements. This Muslim collection is specifically designed to ensure the customers comfort and satisfaction while wearing them. The Muslim collections offered include Hikmat Fashion, Indy Boutique, Lisa Busana Ratu, Rafidain, Ranti, Sessa, as well as some Muslim equipment such as Aida Clothing, Swallow, and so forth.

Fashion - Accessories

Sarinah Thamrin’s ground floor has become the main showroom for various models and designs of traditional and international accessories. Sarinah’s retail partners offer a wide variety of accessories, jewelries and bags from local producers such as Hengki Kawilarang, Riana Lombok, Biru Acc, Oaksva Gold Mart, Maddona Acc, Scarlet Wig, Arsscraft, Hanaya Acc, and Art Fashion, ethnic bags such as Exotiq, Ndaru, to Saveron, as well as international brands such as Gobelini, Hush Puppies, Elle, and Kickers.

Fashion - Branded Clothes

As a reliable retail network for fashion products, furniture and traditional Indonesian trinkets, Sarinah has also built its reputation as a retailer for several well-known fashion brands. The product lineup features more than 50 local and international brands, including Rampage, Polo, Eprise, The Executive, Simplicity, Allesandro Vitali, Andre Laurent, Jobb, Buon Giorno, C. Kent, and Manhattan. Sarinah offers comfort and convenience in shopping for the latest fashion products from various collections throughout its stores.